The Top 10 Must-Ask Questions for Successful Home Remodels in Orlando

The time is finally here! You’ve been dreaming about remodeling your home for a long time, and you are ready to call in some contractors to get the ball rolling.

Whether you are renovating your entire home or only a tiny portion, finding the right builder is crucial.

Not only do you want that “wow factor,” but you also want to trust the person who will be managing a very personal and exciting project for you and your family. 

Home Remodels in Orlando

This post will cover the 10 must-ask questions for successful home remodels in Orlando, FL. 

These are the questions you need to ask every builder that you are considering for your home renovation. 

Hiring the right team will minimize disruptions to your living arrangements while also ensuring your renovation stays on budget, on schedule, and stress-free!

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Be the client who asks lots of questions when hiring a professional to remodel your home. The more questions you ask upfront, the less stressful the entire process will be. 

10 Questions for Home Remodels in Orlando

Although home remodeling can be exciting, it has its own set of challenges, especially if you and your builder are not meeting halfway.

These questions are guaranteed to make the process smoother:

1. How Often Can We Communicate and In What Manner?

This is an often-overlooked question, yet definitely one you need to ask. It is essential to agree upon daily, bi-weekly, or weekly meetings with the project manager for a large remodeling job. 

Between meeting times, find out the preferred method of communicating with your home remodeler and their team members.

Don’t text at all hours of the day if they prefer emails. Clear and respectful communication always yields a better relationship and an easier experience.

2. How Will We Resolve Conflicts?

Unfortunately, conflicts sometimes arise during home remodeling projects.

An experienced home renovation remodeling company will already have a process for these circumstances and explain the process to you before you agree to hire them.

3. Who Will Take Care of Building Permits?

Not all home remodels in Orlando are going to require building permits. You’ll only need a general contractor with certain licenses and permits for large projects, like additions or moving walls.

Either way, when contractors tell the homeowner they need to get the permit in their own name, red flags should go off.

It’s important to know that the person responsible for making sure the job is done correctly is the person whose name is on the permit.

So the contractor’s name should be on the permit so that they are responsible for their own work.

4. How Many Similar Jobs Have You Done?

For more complicated jobs such as moving plumbing lines or knocking down a load-bearing wall, you want to hire someone who knows what challenges to expect.

Even a straightforward bathroom remodeling job could pose a challenge for the contractor who has only remodeled a few.

5. What Are Your Payment Terms?

Ensure you have all the details of the job in writing, including

  • payment methods
  • cancellation fees
  • upfront payments

A line-item contract spelling out each aspect of the job will protect your investment. 

6. Do You Offer Additional Warranties on Your Work?

Many home remodeling companies offer a warranty on their work.

Ask about the details of their warranty, including what it will cover and for how long.

Also, request copies of renovation materials or installations that come with warranties and keep them somewhere safe.

7. How Will You Protect My Things?

Ask about liability insurance and make sure the person you hire has a good plan in place.

Different levels of liability insurance may be required depending on the project.

With that said, you want to ask what steps they will take to prevent damage in the first place.

Some questions to ask are:

  • Where will you park your vehicles?
  • Will you use sheeting to keep dust off my flooring and furniture?
  • What should I do with my personal belongings?
  • What can I do to make this job easier for you? 

8. What is a Typical Workday For You?

Make sure you are clear about what hours the home remodeler plans to work.

If you don’t want loud tools waking you before 8 am, make sure to tell the home remodeling company this.

Ask them how long they take for lunch each day and what time they usually leave for the evening.

Also, be clear about what days of the week the crew will be at your home so you can plan accordingly. 

This is also a wise time to ask:

  • What to do with pets
  • When and if they need you present
  • If a bathroom is available for the work crew
  • Where to store tools

9. Who Will Be Working in My House Each Day?

You want to know if you will see the same people day in and day out, or if there will be a revolving door of different workers.

This is important because if you prefer to feel secure in your home, you want steady employees that you can trust. 

10. Do You Have the Proper License and Certifications for This Project?

Last but definitely not least, make sure the remodeling company you hire has Florida’s licenses or certifications they need to do your project.

Remember that you don’t need licenses and certifications for most aspects of a bathroom or kitchen remodel.

You only need to hire a general contractor for projects such as major additions and roofing.

Beyond that, ask if they have the credentials required for the county you live in.

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