The Top 10 Bathroom Remodel Trends in 2021

When looking for inspiration for your bathroom remodel, you need to know the latest bathroom remodel trends. The bathroom remodel trends we’re seeing in 2021 are amazing — so we wanted to make sure you know about them too!

 You can use these forward thinking design ideas to make a small design update or completely remodel your space. 

10 Bathroom Remodel Trends

Your own personal style and remodeling needs should be the first priority in your bathroom remodel, but it never hurts to keep an eye on bathroom remodel trends when working on your design inspiration. 

Looking for timeless but on-trend updates to your bathroom will make your bathroom appealing to not only you, but future home buyers as well. 

Okay — time to get on trend. Here are the top 10 bathroom remodel trends in 2021:

Trend 1: Nod to the Past

When designing your bathroom remodel, one trend to lean into is eclectic styling. This involves adding retro touches—especially if you are remodeling an older home. 

  • For an update in a 1950s era home, you can lose the old tile and fixtures, but pick new accents that reflect vintage style. Choose pink accent tiles or vintage-look tiles to replicate the 1950s look in your all new design. 
  • Use a mid-century style vanity in your bathroom remodel. You can even refurbish an existing mid-century dresser and convert it into a vanity in your new bathroom. 
  • If you want to go really old school, replace a regular tub with a claw-foot tub for a super wow factor in your bathroom retreat!

An all new bathroom that feels like a throwback is a top bathroom remodel trend! 

Now that you’ve seen how you can give a nod to the past in your bathroom remodel, let’s check out why some designers are going au natural in the bathroom.

bathroom remodel trends

Trend 2: Natural Textures

Because we are spending so much time outdoors this year, nature and natural textures are another top bathroom remodel trend. 

Some ingenious ways to integrate natural textures into your space include: 

  • Concrete walls or flooring
  • Wood paneled ceilings
  • Jute area rugs
  • Marble sinks
  • Plants

Moving on from going natural: let’s see how adding a pop of color is one of 2021’s top bathroom remodel trends.

bathroom remodel trends

Trend 3: Pop of Color

When designing your bathroom remodel, consider using mostly neutral tones with a bold pop of color. 

In a gray and white bathroom, a teal tile floor will really pop! 

An accent wall is also another fun way to play with color. Greens are really in style right now, so you could try a green accent wall. 

Now that you know how to “pop” up the color in your bathroom remodel, let’s see how to play with patterns.

bathroom remodel trends

Trend 4: Play with Patterns

Looking for a bathroom remodel trend that’s both super fun and functional? Play with patterns!  

  • Using bold wallpaper designs is a great way to play with patterns. 
  • Not closing up the area under your sink and showing the polished but exposed plumbing is another way to play with patterns in your bathroom. 
  • A textured wall is another play on patterns that really works in a bathroom remodel. Some textured walls use different painting techniques to create texture. You could also use grasscloth, wood, stone, or tile. 

Now that you’ve discovered how to play with patterns, check out ways to use bold contrasts!

bathroom remodel trends

Trend 5: Bold Contrasts

There are so many ways to use bold contrasts. Here are some of the best! 

Use lots of varying elements that complement each other while contrasting.

  • Blend tile, quartz, wood, and other bold materials for maximum contrast. Not sure what will look good together? We can help you with your design! 
  • Bright colors, paired with neutral elements is another great way to use bold contrast. For example, a kelly green cabinet in your all white bathroom. 
  • Use colorful patterns on rugs and shower curtains. 
  • Using unexpected hardware and fixtures is another way to create contrast. Gold hardware really stands out. Black matte fixtures are another bold and on-trend choice. 

We’ve made a statement with bold contrasts — now let’s see how to implement trendy metals in the bathroom. 

bathroom remodel trends

Trend 6: Trendy Metals

Wondering how you can explore using trendy metals in your bathroom remodel? Think about using metals you don’t often see when choosing hardware and plumbing fixtures. 

  • Copper, gold, and brass are top trends right now. 
  • Black matte plumbing fixtures also really pop. 
  • Skipping the vanity cabinet and showing off your fixtures with exposed plumbing is on-trend. 

Next, let’s talk about what’s always top of mind—clean spaces!!

bathroom remodel trends

Trend 7: Clean Looks and Clean Surfaces

With many of us spending so much time at home in the past year with a focus on staying healthy — clean homes, decluttering, and cleanliness  are now huge trends… and for good reason!  

  • Clean designs such as floating cabinets are a trend as are spaces with minimal clutter. 
  • Easy-to-clean and antimicrobial fixtures and surfaces ​​are in demand. 
  • Quartz countertops, like Silestone, are so easy to keep clean and maintain.
  • Neutral colors also keep things looking and feeling clean. 
  • Smart toilets are popular upgrades right now with hands-free components and self-cleaning features that make them appealing for keeping things easy and clean. 

Next, let’s swoon over another top bathroom remodel trend: serene and relaxing spaces.

bathroom remodel trends

Trend 8: Serene Spaces

Homeowners are thinking about rest and relaxation more than ever. 

  • Large soaking tubs and cozy bathroom retreats are a top trend. These are great spaces to relax and unwind after a tough day. 
  • High-tech features—such as small screens and electronic control panels in large showers—enable homeowners to relax in luxury. 

Now that you’re relaxed, let’s get repurposed and refreshed!

bathroom remodel trends

Trend 9: Repurposed and Refreshed

A mindful bathroom remodel trend is to repurpose items and give them new life in your bathroom! 

  • Repurposing dressers, dining room pieces, and even machines into bathroom fixtures is a top remodel trend. Upcycling these items gives them new life. 
  • Some designs even incorporate old machine bases (think old sewing machines)  or even bicycles and give them new life in the bathroom. 
  • Put a marble or wooden countertop on top of repurposed dressers, dining tables, or open shelving for a real wow!

Another top bathroom remodel trend that’s always being repurposed? Terrazzo!!

bathroom remodel trends

Trend 10: Trendy Terrazzo

Terrazzo is finding its way into bathrooms in 2021  for shower walls, counters, and more. Its eye catching mix of natural stone, marble, and cement can give your bathroom remodel  a real “wow” factor. Plus, terrazzo is easy to clean and care for. 

Terrazzo is always in style for bathrooms — as is sustainability! Let’s find out how to be eco-friendly and chic in a bathroom remodel.

bathroom remodel trends

Trend 11: Using Sustainable Materials

Using sustainable materials is a bathroom remodel trend you can feel good about.  

  • Materials, such as bamboo flooring and furniture, make it easy and stylish to accomplish being sustainable in the bathroom. 
  • Other natural materials that are sustainable and eco-friendly are glass, metal, and cork.  
  • Repurposing dressers and cabinets is another way to be “green” with your bathroom remodel. 
  • Use fixtures that save water flow by changing out high water flow faucets, showerheads, and toilets.

bathroom remodel trends

Inspiring Bathroom Remodel Trends To Get You Started

We’re hoping that these top 10 bathroom remodel trends for 2021 have got you inspired  for what you want to do with your bathroom design! 

Not sure where to start on your bathroom remodel? Loving these 2021 trends but have no idea how to implement them? 

Here at Magnet Remodeling, we’ve got all the experience and expertise to bring the bathroom remodel of your dreams to life.

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