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Need A Bathroom Remodel, Orlando Homeowners? Here Are 4 Tile Designs For Each Part Of Your Project

Deciding on materials for your Orlando bathroom remodel can be the most exciting part of the entire process. It’s fun to think about a space that is your perfect style and matches how you live your life! 

Whether you want to add fun designs, play with color, or create a clean and timeless look, picking the right tile helps you add that personal touch to your new space. 

Tiles can accomplish any style you are looking for; light and airy, sleek and modern, and so many others.

When you’re doing a bathroom remodel Orlando has the right people for the job! Remodels can be stressful, but our priority at Magnet Remodeling is to make the entire process more manageable for homeowners.

If you are looking for the perfect team for your bathroom remodel Orlando, read on for some great tile design ideas and how we can make them happen for you!

Using Tile In Your Orlando Bathroom Remodel

Tile is a popular material choice for bathroom and kitchen remodels because it withstands humid temperatures really well. Plus, it’s typically much easier to clean than many other materials (hardwood for example), so it’s good to have in high-traffic and busy areas like bathrooms and kitchens.

When something is spilled, it’s a life saver to have tile flooring!

But the floor isn’t the only place you can add tile to in your bathroom remodel.

It’s also a great option for your shower and even your walls.

In this post, we’re going to give you some tile design inspiration for each of these three popular areas to use tile in your bathroom remodel. Let’s take a look at these styles!

Shower Tiling Design Ideas

Why would you want to put tiling in your shower?

The most obvious reason is definitely for style! When your show tiling is done right, it can give a really elevated look that brings your whole bathroom together.

There are many ways to do it, so you can make your shower match your style.

However, it’s also just a great way to protect the construction underneath. Tile helps waterproof your bathroom and makes it easy to clean.

Here are some of our favorite ideas for tiling showers:

1) The Timeless White Marble 

White marble is a timeless option that is sure to give a luxurious, clean look to your bathroom.

So if you’re looking for an bathroom remodel in Orlando that is sure to stay in style for years to come, consider this look.

White-gray marble tile is hugely popular and works well in most spaces. Perfect for accent walls or used in abundance, marble is perfect for showing grand spaces and evoking feelings of luxury.

shower tile ideas for bathroom remodel orlando

2) Create Feature Walls with Shower Tile

Creating a tiled feature wall can be a great option to give your bathroom a beautiful focal point.

This also gives the homeowner the option of using more than one type of tile. Tiling a small, but carefully chosen area is the perfect opportunity to use expensive tiles without breaking the bank.

tiling your shower orlando bathroom remodel

3) Go Big or Keep it Simple with Patterns

Go big with bold, colorful designs or keep the tiles simple.

You can add some personality and design touches either way by placing tiles in interesting patterns. Herringbone is a popular pattern that many bathrooms have and is a subtle take on interesting designed tiled walls.

orlando bathroom remodel unique tiling ideas

4) Monochromatic Subway Tile

The subway tile trend is here to stay; there are many different ways to personalize these trendy tiles.

These simple favorites come in pretty much every color and finish, but the simple white high-shine option still reigns supreme as the fan favorite for achieving a monochromatic look.

This look has always been a fan-favorite for the bathrooms remodels in Orlando that we’ve done!

subway tile bathroom remodeling ideas

Tile Floor Ideas 

Ceramic tile is one of the top choices for bathroom floors when deciding what’s most important for a bathroom remodel.

Tile withstands moisture, doesn’t stain easily, and it also doesn’t absorb bacteria and odors.

In a high traffic room with a lot of water and humidity, these factors are all very important.

Plus, tiles come in a wide range of colors and designs so you can create a unique look and keep your bathroom looking luxurious.

Here are 4 ideas for you in your next bathroom remodel!

1) White Bathroom Tile

For a bright, clean look for your bathroom, white floor tile can make any bathroom feel spacious and luxurious. The simple shapes and clean lines create a timeless style, while still being trendy and modern. 

bathroom remodel floor tiling

2) Black Bathroom Floor Tiles

Perfect for modern homes, black floor tiles can bring sophistication to your bathroom and make it feel more formal and grand. Black tile can feel like a bold choice for some homeowners, but when paired with white tile it will be toned down enough to feel safe to most. 

bathroom remodel black tile flooring

3) Hexagon Floor Tile

Hexagon floor tiles are the next most popular tile shape after squares and rectangles. They are said to give us mental peace and relax us. Being the first shape used when we began playing with tile shape, hexagon tiles come in a variety of colors and sizes. 

hexagon floor tile for bathroom remodel

4) Faux Wood Bathroom Floor Tiles

Faux wood tiles are ceramic tiles made to look and feel like real wood. Using wooden floors in a space that is always wet is dangerous because water will seep in between the seams causing everything to rot. Faux wood was created to give the look of wood without the maintenance of real wood. 

fauz wood bathroom floor tiles for a bathroom remodel

Wall Tiles in Your Bathroom Remodel 

Using tiles in the walls of the bathrooms sometimes goes over looked.

But it’s actually a really great idea to add tile to your bathroom remodel list because of the same reasons it’s great everywhere else—withstanding moisture.

It usually takes less labor to paint or wallpaper a wall, but these methods don’t last as long in a bathroom setting as tile would. Too much moisture can cause wallpaper and paint to peel.

So you might want to consider tiles for your walls during your bathroom remodel. If you’re tiling your shower, you can continue onto the wall in certain areas to really pull the space together.

It’s just another added element of easy cleaning and a luxurious look!

1) Go Half and Half 

Deciding to have more than one element on your walls can add a lot of character and charm to your bathroom. Whether you decide to use more than one tile on your wall, use wallpaper on the top half and tile on the bottom, or tile on the bottom and simply paint the top half of your wall, splitting your walls offers an endless amount of opportunities for personalization. 

bathroom remodel tiling ideas

2) Create Drama with Different Tiles

Creating a space where tiled feature walls and tiled non feature walls have different patterns but are still cohesive in color can add the perfect amount of drama to your space. When creating bathrooms with clashing tile patterns, bold colors can be used to create even more drama. 

bold bathroom remodeling ideas with tile

3) Add Warmth with Natural Stone Tiles

Tiles don’t always have to be bold and bright, sometimes using natural toned, yellow or orange tinted tiles can create a space that is full of warmth. This cozy tile option isn’t popular among the sometimes cold modern designs, but it is perfect for spaces that require a more relaxed feel.

wall tile bathroom remodel orlando

4) Expand a Small Bathroom with Wall to Wall Tile

Sometimes wall to wall tile can feel a little clinical, but when done properly it can make small spaces feel less crowded and more spacious. Choosing a glossy finish over matte for the walls will help light bounce off the tiles creating a visual effect that will make the room feel larger.

bathroom tile ideas for a bathroom remodel

Your Next Bathroom Remodel in Orlando

Are you inspired to do your next bathroom remodel Orlando homeowners?

We know that this can be a big decision for any homeowner. Deciding on your materials can be stressful, but it can also be the most exciting part of the entire remodel if you know what design you are looking for. 

Adding personalization to your bathroom can help you to create the space you have always wanted. From complex designs and colors that pop to the classic, timeless marble or sleek subway tiles, the options are endless for tiling your bathroom. 

A bathroom remodel in Orlando with Magnet Remodeling is a stress-free experience. Magnet Remodeling has been treating customers to professional, top of the line remodeling services for the past 15 years and is ready to help you plan your next remodel!

If you are ready to have the bathroom of your dreams, contact us today for a free consultation!

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