4 In-Demand Trends to Consider for Your Orlando Home Remodeling Project

Are you considering jumping into an Orlando home remodeling project? The past few years made a lot of us evaluate the spaces that we live in, so you’re not alone in thinking your home is in need of a refresh. Everything going on in the world—and more things going on in the home—seems to bring continuous change and an ever-heightening level of stress. 

But we can find ways to enjoy change within the comfort of our homes with a new bathroom, a kitchen upgrade, or any other home remodeling project that keeps things running smoothly. Many of the past year’s lifestyle shifts are here to stay, so it’s not too late to jump on some of these home remodeling trends!

Do you just know you need change but aren’t sure where to start? We’ve got you covered with 4 of 2022’s top trends to consider for your next Orlando home remodeling project.

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#TREND 1: The Designated Areas Trend

The idea of an “open home” concept may not yet be a thing of the past, but it’s certainly trending in that direction. Everyone’s living conditions have changed significantly over the last two years, most often in a way that leaves more people in the house for longer periods of time. 

The result? There have been less home remodeling requests for knocking down walls, and more requests for repurposing existing spaces into areas that serve a very specific function. Homeowners are turning toward trends that create new designated spaces within the home to complete different, unique tasks.

From virtual learning workspaces to playrooms and home theaters, many Orlando home remodeling projects have helped families transform their current spare rooms or nooks into dedicated spaces instead of keeping them for general use.

#TREND 2: The Home Office

Home offices have been add to home layouts for a long time. But with working from home being forced on so many of us who used to go into an office, the desire for a fully functioning home office has gone up. For work or for studying, everyone in the family needs more peace, quiet, and a place to keep their work things.

There’s not always room for a full home office, so untraditional and creative home office spaces are also a popular trend. Homeowners aren’t adding more square footage to their home. Instead, they’re replacing empty closets or unused crannies and turning them into functional home office spaces.


#TREND 3: The Re-Imagined Kitchen And Bathroom Remodel

Time spent at home with the whole family means busier kitchens and bathrooms. So of course, kitchen and bathroom remodels have a space in the spotlight too. 

We’re moving away from the days where the kitchen is solely for eating and cooking! Homeowners are spending more time in the kitchen and want it to be a multi-use space. What’s specifically trending in kitchen remodels?

  • Updated, modern kitchen styles and appliances
  • The addition of countertops and floors that are easy to clean
  • Multi-functionality spaces
  • More charging outlets 

With all this time in the home, it’s no surprise that people are searching for a place to have some alone time. That, combined with a still-growing focus on “self-care,” has homeowners everywhere searching for ways to remodel their bathrooms into sanctuaries.

What better way to let some of that stress fade away than a few bathroom renovations like oversized showers and other fancy, spa-like features?

If you’re considering an Orlando home remodeling project, you certainly won’t want to miss out on these luxurious trends!

(P.S. — Magnet Remodeling was recently featured on Redfin. Read the blog on their website for more kitchen remodeling tips!)

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#TREND 4: Increased Focus on Functionality in Home Remodeling 

A busier house equals more mess and clutter. Where purely aesthetic remodels once had their place, right now it’s more common to see functionality being the driving force behind a project. When there’s more action in a home—and simply, more stuff—the need for organization systems that keep things flowing smoothly is essential.

Homeowners are looking to add more built-in storage options, such as

  • butler pantries
  • floor to ceiling wall shelves

Not only do people want these storage options to exist, they need them to be functional for multiple people and work in a way that helps keep clutter out of eyesight.


Your Orlando Home Remodeling Project With Magnet Remodeling 

Home design trends fluctuate from time to time, but 2021 definitely brought about a lot of changes that we can expect to inform our lifestyles for years to come. Are you ready to start your Orlando home remodeling project? If you know you’re in need of a refresh to adjust to more life at home, our team of professionals at Magnet Remodeling can help!

Our number one priority at Magnet Remodeling is making you feel comfortable in your home. We’ve been doing home remodels in Orlando for a long time, so we understand what’s important for homeowners—let us help you make the right changes for a great 2022.

Get in touch with us today to get started on your next Orlando home remodeling project!

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