5 Reasons to Use Magnet Remodeling for Dumpster Rentals in Orlando

Why Choose Magnet for Dumpster Rentals in Orlando

Renting a dumpster is far more common than you may think. While the task of moving a large dumpster to your home or business may appear overwhelming, it is actually quite easy.

Magnet Remodeling provides dumpster rentals in Orlando regularly to businesses moving equipment, rehabbers doing demolition, and homeowners cleaning up their yards. This article highlights the 5 most popular reasons our customers rent our dumpsters.

1. Home Renovation Projects

Home renovation projects produce vast amounts of scrap materials, even when done correctly. You will inevitably have leftover drywall, lumber, tiles, bricks, and cement at the end of an extensive remodeling job. Magnet Remodeling rents dump trailers (with rubber wheels) instead of the traditional roll-off dumpsters you’ve seen at construction or demolition sites. This means that you don’t have to worry about driveway scratches or damage.

2. Cleaning After a Storm

Orlando’s weather can be erratic, and Florida storms can leave your property a disaster. What seems like an easy job can become a hassle very quickly. Renting a dumpster for your home or neighborhood can help people quickly dispose of debris left after a storm.

3. Attic and Basement Cleanup

Most people dread cleaning out their attic and basement. Years of forgotten treasures often clutter these spaces, and the thought of cleaning them out becomes daunting. Renting a dumpster from Magnet Remodeling will alleviate this anxiety and make the attic and basement cleaning process far more manageable.

4. Moving to a New Home

If you are moving, it’s great to get a fresh new start in your new home. That means getting rid of your old belongings and renting a dumpster from Magnet Remodeling. You can order a dumpster within 24 hours or schedule your rental up to a week in advance. Either way, we will get you one of our quality dumpsters when you need it.

5. Older Parents Moving In

If you plan to have your aging parents come and live with you, you may need to make room for their arrival. This usually requires throwing out unwanted junk that is taking up some much-needed space. Your family is the perfect excuse to rent a dumpster and make room in your home.

Don’t Stress Over The Mess

Don’t pull your hair out trying to haul away trash yourself, and please don’t be the neighbor to overwhelm the regular curbside trash and recycling bins. Call Magnet Remodeling for dumpster rental in Orlando, FL, and surrounding areas. 

Our dumpster rentals come in three sizes (10, 14, and 20 yards), giving you the option to pick the best size for your project’s needs.

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