Kitchen Remodeling: 6 useful tips to stay on budget

Deciding to remodel your kitchen is a big undertaking and requires a lot of planning in order to stay on budget. Identifying your kitchen must-haves, like specific appliances, new flooring, or a different floor plan, before you go into the remodel can help make this large project run smoothly. 

Below you’ll find some great tips that we’ve put together to help you budget smarter for your kitchen remodeling project. Keep reading and find out how to determine what are big ticket items for your remodel, the average cost of a kitchen remodel, and other helpful home remodeling info.

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Kitchen Remodeling with Magnet Remodeling

Thinking about creating the kitchen of your dreams? You might even be at the stage of searching for a reliable kitchen remodeling company in Orlando.

Here at Magnet Remodeling, we specialize in partial and full kitchen remodels in Orlando, FL and are here to help you create the kitchen you’ve always wanted.

Hiring a trustworthy team that knows what they’re doing will help the process run smoothly. With our help, you can be sure that you’ll get the perfect kitchen and stay within budget. 

How to Budget Kitchen Remodels: 6 Easy Tips | Magnet Remodeling

1. Know What You Want From Your Kitchen Remodel

Giving your remodel some thought before you even hire a contractor can help you get a clear understanding of what you want from your remodel.  Knowing what you want before you start your remodel can help you stay on budget as the project gets started.

Think about what’s wrong with your kitchen, what you want from your kitchen, and what you need to upgrade to get the kitchen you want. 

If your appliances are getting older and less efficient, consider that in your budget. Outdated appliances can be a safety hazard due to changing electrical codes — upgrading your appliances can make your home safer and, if you opt for it, you can become more environmentally friendly with new eco friendly appliances that use less energy and water.

Replacing linoleum flooring is another big upgrade many homeowners opt for. While linoleum flooring is cheap and easy to maintain, it can yellow when exposed to sunlight for long periods of time and is prone to breaking. If you are looking for better, more durable options, consider stone or ceramic tile.

2. Know Your Priorities When You Budget Kitchen Remodels

Before you begin a remodel, it is smart to take stock of what your current kitchen lacks and what you want to add to make it more functional. Kitchens can get expensive, so if you have a hierarchy beginning with your non-negotiables and leading down into your “wants” (not “must-haves!”) it will be easier to make decisions should things not go according to plan later. 

For example, replacing leaky pipes is something that you know definitely needs to be done — that’s a non-negotiable. However, getting brass features for cabinets may be something that you put further down on your list as a “want.” 

3. Determine the Extent of Your Kitchen Remodel

Kitchen remodels normally fall into two categories: (1) pull-and-replace and (2) a full kitchen remodel.  A pull-and-replace remodel, often referred to a kitchen refresh, updates things like appliances and cabinets to give the kitchen a new look, but will keep the original floorplan. 

During a full kitchen remodel, floor plans may be changed, walls might be removed to create more space, new finishes may be added, and plumbing and electrical may be significantly altered.

This option can cost twice as much as a pull-and-replace remodel, but it does allow for more personalization. 

There are benefits to both a pull-and-replace remodel and a full kitchen remodel, but one option might be better for your specific needs. A pull-and-replace remodel is cheaper and can be perfect for homeowners that want to update their kitchen for resale.

A kitchen remodel will add value to your home, but you might not want to spend a lot of money and time on it if you are looking to sell it. A full kitchen remodel, while more expensive, is perfect for homeowners who are planning to stay in their home for a number of years so they can actually enjoy the kitchen.

How to Budget Kitchen Remodels: 6 Easy Tips | Magnet Remodeling

4. Budget for Unexpected Expenses

Discovering hidden complications, like outdated wiring or mold, are common when you start tearing into walls during a remodel. During a remodel, outdated wiring and areas covered in mold can be big unexpected expenses that homeowners can run into.

According to Discover, homeowners should set aside 20% of the budget for unforeseen expenses.  

A derailed remodeling project can spell trouble for your timeline and budget. Other unexpected expenses can include outdated plumbing and delays in material delivery.

When a project is delayed, it can push other steps in the remodeling process back as well which can lead to fees or materials getting to the project before they are needed. Budgeting for these expenses in the beginning can ensure that you don’t need to look for the money somewhere else in the budget later.

5. Determine Big Ticket Items

Compiling a list of what you think will be the biggest expenditures during your remodel can help you visualize your budget and how much money you have to spend in other areas. The biggest money eaters in a kitchen remodel tend to be costs that homeowners weren’t anticipating.

Here are some of the most common big ticket items:


Cabinets are often an underestimated cost in remodels. Depending on the level of customization, style, and material, cabinets can consume up to 25% of your entire budget, according to HGTV.


Flooring is often a forgotten part of a kitchen remodel as well, but when changing layouts and styles, replacing your kitchen’s flooring can be unavoidable and very expensive.

According to Homes and Gardens, cheaper ceramic and porcelain tile options can start at $1-$2 per square foot, and mid-priced options average $15-$30 per square foot. More expensive options, like marble, start at $7 per square foot and one of the most expensive options, limestone tile, averages $20 per square foot.

How to Budget Kitchen Remodels: 6 Easy Tips | Magnet Remodeling


Many homeowners know that appliances are expensive, but when remodeling a kitchen, appliance packages can cost as much as $10,000 (and sometimes more). 

According to Home Advisor, there are many different packages homeowners can get that will impact the budget and on average installation costs between $100-$300 per appliance.

Custom built-in appliances are the most expensive option, costing between $1,000-$10,000, and may call for structural changes and higher labor costs. While the upfront cost is higher, many homeowners like that the appliances take up less space and appear seamless. 

The middle option is high-end freestanding units that can cost anywhere from $1000-$5,000 and can include Bluetooth features, sensors, and cabinet depth-refrigerators.

The cheapest option is budget free standing appliances that cost from $200-$1000 — while they might not last as long as higher end models and don’t have the added features, they get the job done and fit into most layouts.

How to Budget Kitchen Remodels: 6 Easy Tips | Magnet Remodeling

6. Don’t Skimp on Your Kitchen’s Features

Remodeling a kitchen is a big undertaking and it can be overwhelming to figure out how much money should be spent and where it should be spent.

While it is smart to try and save money on certain areas, there are a few aspects of a kitchen remodel that homeowners simply shouldn’t skimp on.


Countertops may be the most important part of the kitchen when it comes to everyday use and what people see first when they enter your kitchen. There are many different options to choose from, so it is important that you know exactly what you want out of your countertops. 

Quartz countertops, known for being the most durable option and requiring the lowest maintenance, continue to be the top option for many homeowners.

If you are looking for a more trendy option, concrete countertops have been gaining popularity along with the increase of homeowners wanting more industrial looking kitchens.

From pops of color, subtle patterns, waterfall islands, and butcher blocks; there are so many options to choose from and to add a bit of personality into your kitchen.


Backsplashes are a fun way to add more personality, texture, and pops of color to your kitchen. There are different ways homeowners can add a bit of flair to their kitchens by creating eye-catching designs. 

Current backsplash trends include taking your backsplash to the ceiling, larger subway tiles, marble slabs instead of individual tiles, and gold accents. 

To give their kitchen a more artistic look, some homeowners have opted for non-traditional backsplash materials like stainless steel, copper, aluminium, and other types of metals. A backsplash brings a kitchen to life and it is important that homeowners are aware of all the backsplash options so they can pick the perfect design for them.


One of the biggest reasons homeowners want to redesign their kitchens is because they don’t have enough storage space. It is easy to accumulate kitchen gadgets — from air fryers to Instant Pots — that you don’t have room for.

When remodeling your kitchen, adding more cabinet space can declutter your kitchen and give you more space to actually cook and do food prep. Cabinets don’t have to break the bank, but it is important to invest in durable cabinets and storage space that will last in your kitchen for many years to come.

Average Costs of a Kitchen Remodel in Orlando, FL

Depending on the size of your kitchen and the extent of the remodel you want, a kitchen remodel in Orlando can cost anywhere from $11,000-$34,000, according to Home Blue Contractor Network.

The cost may be higher if you opt for things like custom cabinets, premium countertops, relocating or replacing vent hoods, structural modifications, and new appliances. 

Remember to create a cushion in your budget for unexpected expenses and try to not deviate too much from your plan while you are remodeling. Sudden changes to things like type of countertops, customized cabinets, or upgraded appliances are easy ways to go over budget.

How to Budget Kitchen Remodels: 6 Easy Tips | Magnet Remodeling

Let Magnet Remodeling Handle Your Kitchen Remodel in Orlando FL! 

Deciding to remodel your kitchen is a big financial and personal decision, but it can also be an exciting decision for families that can help them create new memories or a great choice for resale value. 

After you decide that you want to remodel, planning what you want and creating a list of things that will make your kitchen more functional will help you stay within your budget. 

There are a few items that can easily eat up your budget so recognizing those items and planning for additional costs can help if you are worried about going over budget. 

Magnet Remodeling is a leading home remodeling company located in Orlando, FL and specializes in creating beautiful kitchen upgrades for their clients. Our main priority is helping our customers create the homes of their dreams.

Magnet Remodeling is here to help you have a home you can fall in love with. Contact us today at (407) 305-4901 or at to start remodeling your home!

How to Budget Kitchen Remodels: 6 Easy Tips | Magnet Remodeling

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