20 Questions to Ask Your Home Renovation Company Before Hire Them

When homeowners are seeking out a home remodeling company, there are several key aspects they consider in making their decision.  Plus, we have provided you with 20+ questions to ask your Orlando home renovation company before selecting the right company for your project. 

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Reputation and Reviews

Hiring the right Orlando Hmoe Remodeling company can be a daunting task. Homeowners want to know that they are hiring a company that has a solid reputation. Online reviews, testimonials, and ratings from previous customers are often the first things potential clients look at. Positive reviews can provide you with a sense of a company’s reliability, quality of work, and customer service.

Questions to Ask Your Home Renovation Company Before Hire Them

  • Can you share where I can find your reviews online? Be sure to do some online searches in additional to the information you are provided by the company. They may not be sharing bad reviews, so it is important for you to do your own research.
  • Can I speak with some of your past clients? If you are working on a small project, this step may not be worth it, but if you are working on a large project with a lot at stake, then this is an important step.

  • Does the company have video testimonials? Generally, customers have to love a company to participate in a video testimonial.

Here are some video testimonials for Magnet Remodeling.

Experience and Expertise

Homeowners look for companies that have extensive experience and expertise in home remodeling. They are particularly interested in companies that specialize in the specific type of remodeling they need, whether that be kitchen renovations, bathroom remodels, or whole-house transformations.

Questions to ask your Orlando Home Remodeling company:

  • How many years of experience do you have in home remodeling? Experience matters a lot in construction. You want to hire a company that has been around for a while and knows the industry inside out.

  • What sets you apart from other remodeling companies? Their answer will give you a sense of what they value most in their business and why you should choose them.

  • What steps will you take to protect my property? Remodeling can be messy. Ensure that the company has a plan to protect your property and clean up after the work is done.
Magnet Remodeling Transitional Kitchen Kitchen Remodel Orlando

Quality of Work

The quality of previous projects, showcased through a portfolio or gallery, is a major consideration. This can give homeowners a sense of the quality they can expect in their own home.

Questions to ask your Orlando Home Remodeling company:

  • Can you provide references or testimonials from previous clients? Speaking with previous clients or reading their testimonials can provide valuable insights about the company’s workmanship and professionalism.

  • What grade of materials do you typically use? The quality of materials can significantly impact the longevity and look of your remodel.

  • Do you have a portfolio of past projects? Looking at their previous projects will give you an idea of the quality of their work.

  • How do you handle quality control during the project? It’s essential to know how the company ensures the quality of their work as the project progresses.

  • Do you have any specialty areas or particular strengths in terms of workmanship? Knowing a company’s strengths can help you understand if they are the right fit for your specific project.

  • How do you stay updated on the latest design trends and materials? If you’re aiming for a modern look, it’s important that the company is aware of the latest trends and technologies.

  • Do you use subcontractors, and how do you vet them? If the company uses subcontractors, it’s important to know they are also reliable and experienced.


Homeowners want quality service at a competitive price. While they don’t always opt for the cheapest service, they do appreciate transparency in pricing and value for money.

Questions to ask your Orlando Home Remodeling company:

  • Will you provide a detailed written estimate? A detailed written estimate will outline the scope of the project, materials to be used, and the overall cost.

  • How will additional costs be handled? Sometimes additional costs occur during a project. Ask how these will be handled and approved.

  • What will be included in your estimate? What will not be included? It’s important to set up expectations so there are no surprises. 

  • How are payments scheduled throughout the project? Understand the payment schedule and make sure it aligns with project milestones.

  • Can you provide a breakdown of costs for labor and materials? Knowing where your money is going can help you understand the value of the work.

  • Can you work within my budget? It’s crucial that the company can work within your financial limits.


Good communication is key in any remodeling project. Homeowners prefer companies that are easy to reach, responsive, and good at explaining the process, timelines, and costs involved.

Questions to ask your Orlando Home Remodeling company:

  • Who will be my primary contact during the project? Clear communication lines are crucial during a remodeling project. You need to know who to reach out to with questions or concerns.

  • Will you handle all necessary permits? Navigating the permit process can be complicated, and it’s helpful if your contractor can manage this for you.

  • What is your projected timeline for completion? While there can be unexpected delays, it’s important to have a clear idea of when the project will be finished.

  • What can I expect in terms of communication and updates during the project? Regular updates can keep you informed about the progress of your remodel and any changes that might affect the schedule or cost.

  • What expectations should I have regarding the clean-up process? Clear expectations regarding clean-up can help avoid disagreements later. You’ll want to know if the company will leave your home clean and ready for use or if you’ll need to tidy up afterward.

  • How do you handle changes or unexpected issues during the project? Sometimes unforeseen issues arise during remodeling. Knowing how these are handled will give you peace of mind.

  • What is your projected timeline for completion? While there can be unexpected delays, it’s important to have a clear idea of when the project will be finished.

Warranty or Guarantee

A warranty or guarantee on the work done is a big plus, as it gives homeowners peace of mind knowing that any future issues related to the remodeling will be addressed.

Magnet Remodeling Kitchen Remodeling

Questions to Ask Your Orlando Home Remodeling Company Related to Warranty or Guarantee:

  • Do you offer a warranty or guarantee for your work? A good remodeling company stands by its work and will offer some warranty or guarantee.

  • How do you ensure the safety of your workers? The company should follow safety protocols to protect its team.

  • What is your process for resolving disputes or disagreements? It’s crucial to know how the company resolves any potential issues or disagreements that could arise.

Licensing and Insurance

A licensed and insured remodeling company shows homeowners that the company is credible and reliable. It also protects homeowners in the event of any mishaps or accidents during the renovation.

Questions to ask your Orlando Home Remodeling company:

Are you licensed and insured? 

Ensure that the company is licensed to perform construction work in your area and that they carry liability insurance to cover any potential damages to your home.

By focusing on these aspects, a home remodeling company can ensure that it is catering to the needs and preferences of homeowners.


Why Hire Magnet Remodeling for Your Next Home Remodeling Project? 

Magnet Remodeling Transitional Kitchen Kitchen Remodel Orlando

Magnet Remodeling is a top-rated Orlando Home Remodeling company, standing as the clear choice for homeowners looking to refresh their kitchens, bathrooms, or flooring.

Magnet stands behind its service and outcomes. Find out what Magnet Remodeling is Orlando’s Home Remodeling company.

Please ask Magnet these questions, and then as you interview other companies, be sure to ask them too.

Then you can compare notes and pick the right company for your project. Be careful not to use price as your biggest deciding factor.

What sets Magnet Remodeling apart?

Here are a few reasons to consider hiring Magnet Remodeling | Orlando Home Remodeling Company:

Quality: Magnet Remodeling is renowned for their 5-star workmanship, consistently earning high ratings on Google. They don’t cut corners and only use top-notch materials to ensure your remodel’s longevity and visual appeal.

Affordability: Quality work doesn’t have to break the bank. Magnet Remodeling believes in offering value for money. They maintain a transparent pricing structure and ensure cost-effectiveness without compromising the excellence of their work.

Speed: Time is valuable, and Magnet Remodeling understands this. They operate swiftly, reducing the time your home is under construction and allowing you to enjoy your newly remodeled spaces sooner.

Expertise: With a team of professionals who excel in their crafts, they have vast experience across different styles, from modern to traditional to transitional. They can turn your vision into reality, regardless of the design you’re dreaming of.

Reliability: Magnet Remodeling holds an excellent reputation in Orlando. They are responsive and provide frequent updates throughout the project, keeping you in the loop at all stages.

Customer Service: They answer your queries before the project and ensure your satisfaction post-completion. They provide all the information you need, answer all your questions, and continue to deliver top-notch service even after the project is done.

Magnet Remodeling is your go-to Orlando Home Remodeling company if you’re searching for a trustworthy, high-quality, and affordable solution for your home remodel. 

They stand by their work, their customer service is second to none, and they’ll ensure your project is a rewarding, stress-free experience.

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