The Complete Orlando Home Remodeling Guide

Trust us: you don’t want to start a new Orlando home remodeling project without being 100% ready.

This is one life event that goes way smoother when proper preparations are entirely in place. We’re talking thinking through your design plans, making a realistic budget, hiring the right home renovation contractors for the job…the whole 9 yards!

That’s a lot to think about! So if you are a list-maker, you will love this home remodeling checklist. And if you aren’t a list maker — this is one list that you cannot live without! 

orlando home remodeling checklist

Checklist Item #1: Put Your Grand Plans On Paper

Sometimes your HGTV dreams are not your reality. This reality check is usually discovered during this part of the planning process (usually due to time constraints and budgets), and that’s why this stage of planning is essential for setting realistic expectations. 

List Your Priorities

Unless the sky’s the limit budget-wise, you will likely need to prioritize the details of your home remodeling project. It’s important to consider popular home remodeling trends that actually fit your lifestyle so that they don’t just look good to your eyes, but help you function best too.

If you are having a baby, a bathtub is nice to have when you remodel your bathroom. If you’re a wannabe chef, a butler pantry may be a must-have. Once you know what you can’t live without, you’ll have a better idea of where the wiggle room is in your budget.

Set A Budget

Set a budget and pad the budget 10-25 percent to cover surprises. Also, budget for unwelcome surprises such as water damage found under tile or mold that needs removing.

Curious what Orlando Kitchen and Baths Remodels Cost? Check out this infographic on what things cost and where you get the biggest ROI from your home remodeling projects.

Go Wild on Pinterest

The Pinterest search engine is a fun way to look for “modern kitchens” or “master bathroom designs.” Pinterest delivers photographs linked to websites you collect and “Pin” to your own virtual bulletin board. These images will help you and your contractor work together to execute the remodeling project you have been fantasizing about. 

From choosing paint color combinations that bring you joy to discovering creative new tile ideas for your bathroom remodel, there’s so much inspiration on Pinterest waiting for you to discover it.

Write Down Your Deadline

If you know you have a specific deadline, have this date in mind when interviewing contractors to make sure they can fit you in their schedule. 

Checklist Item #2: Do Your Research and Get Estimates

During this stage of the home remodeling process, things can often get stressful, which is why it’s important to follow these guidelines closely. Believe it or not, home remodeling can be fun once it moves from Pinterest to execution.


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Read Reviews and Credentials

Once you have a list of recommended contractors, spend time scouring the Internet, reading their websites, and checking out their portfolio of work. Read the testimonials and make a list of pros and cons for each. 

Next, find out if they are licensed to perform your project and if they’re insured. Check your state’s licensing page online to find out if they have the proper certifications and if they’ve ever been fined.

After this process is complete, you should be able to pare down your list to two or three contractors ready to interview. 

Ask For Estimates

Contact the two or three home remodeling companies and expect them to ask for a home visit. Contact two to three choices for estimates. When they are at your home, they should take lots of photos and measurements and then send you a sketch for approval.

Once you approve the sketch, the builder is ready to bid on the job. This process can take three to six weeks, so be patient.

Ask Questions

Home remodeling is a huge deal, and you need to arm yourself with a list of questions to ask.

Outside of just estimates, there are a bunch of questions you should be asking to ensure a smooth remodeling process.

You want to ask about things like:

  • permits
  • payments
  • how many people to expect in your house
  • communication
  • and more!

You’re going to want to check out our post on The Top 10 Must-Ask Questions for Successful Home Remodels in Orlando for more.

Hire Someone

Once you’ve agreed upon the design, have a timeline, and an estimate that works within your budget, it’s time to make the hire.

Before you make the final hiring decision, always remember this:

You can save a ton of money by making sure you hire the right person for the job because not all home remodeling projects are the same. For example, for most renovations you don’t need to go through a general contractor in Orlando. (Only if you’re moving walls or adding full additions!)

Specialized professionals like our team at Magnet Remodeling can get right to work on your project, removing steps that are likely to be unnecessarily adding to your time and budget.

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Checklist Item #3: Prepare Your Home

This is the part of the pre-remodeling process where you can help get your project off to a good start.

You don’t want workers arriving bright and early Monday morning to find the bathroom cabinets filled with old shampoo bottles and curling irons from decades ago.

Empty and prepare the space before remodeling begins. To keep the chaos and disorganization to a minimum, you might consider getting an affordable dumpster rental in Orlando.

Make Sure You Have a Place for Your Stuff

If you think you will need extra storage, consider renting a portable container to protect your belongings while keeping them close by.

Plan How and Where You Will Live

Decide if your remodel requires that you move out for a while. Plan ahead if you need to book a hotel or stay with relatives. If you can stay at home, but won’t have access to your kitchen, prepare a temporary kitchen space with a microwave and small fridge in another area of your home. 

Don’t Forget the Before Pictures

This is a common oversight. Significant home remodels deserve photo documenting, so take photos before you start the demolition process.

Checklist Item #4: Get The Job Done

This is the fun part of the process, but it still requires some planning to keep the positive momentum flowing.

Be Available and Patient

Ensure the project manager has your contact information and regularly check the work to avoid any mistakes or miscommunications before things get too far.

Prepare for delays. As you know, sometimes it can rain for days on end in the Orlando area. People can get sick, and schedules can change. Keep up a good attitude so that it makes the job more pleasurable for everyone involved.

Create a Punch List

When the job is almost complete, list the little things you want to be fixed on a piece of paper and mark them with a piece of painter’s tape. Review the list with your home remodeling team, and don’t make a final payment until everything is done.

Celebrate and Enjoy Your New Space!

Move your belongings back to where they belong, take some photos of the job, share them on social media, and post reviews. Invite a few friends over to celebrate or just relax and enjoy!

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