5 Pro Tips For Stress Free Floor Installations

Installing new floors is a bit of a process, but with these expert tips you’ll be able to navigate the whole thing like a pro. Floor installation in Orlando doesn’t need to be stressful; simply doing a few easy tasks before installation will make the process much easier for both you and the installation team!

At Magnet Remodeling our team makes flooring installation Orlando projects easy! Our dedicated professionals are here to keep the job stress-free for you from start to finish. 

These 5 simple tips will help you make your next floor installation a breeze.

1) Hire the Professionals/Experts

You’re definitely going to want to hire a team of professionals to get the job done correctly and quickly.

Try looking for someone with a gallery of experience or who has reviews as a flooring installation Orlando company. Flooring can make or break your home, so ensuring that you hire the right team can make a huge difference during the installation process and for the longevity of your floors. 

Hiring qualified flooring installations professionals—like the dedicated team at Magnet Remodeling—will ensure that the job is done right. As a remodeling company, we’ve been doing flooring installation in Orlando for several years, and can walk you through the process and make sure you have the best floor for your needs.

Installing floors can be complex and it gets tricky when cutting different angles into floor tiles, so hiring trained professionals will ensure there are no mistakes in your flooring!

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2) Move Delicates and Valuables to a Safe Place

As you can probably imagine, flooring installation requires moving a lot of your stuff out of the way.

The old floor has to be removed and the new one put in, so things can get messy.

Remove anything from your home that you consider valuable; this is the best way to ensure that nothing happens to it. Make sure those valuables are packed away in a room that won’t be going through any construction, and won’t be in the way of the flooring crew.

Placing your valuable items in a safe place before the installation team even arrives will help you be more at ease while your floors are being installed. 

Any type of glass, family valuables, vases or any other type of pottery, and anything else on the floor that you want to make sure doesn’t get harmed are the major valuable items that should be moved before the installation team arrives. 

3) Move Your Furniture Out of the Way

Moving your furniture before the installation team arrives is an important part of the installation process. Here are some tips for dealing with furniture during your flooring installation:

  • Make moving easier by using sliders and towels to prevent injury to furniture and floors
  • Move furniture away from the construction zone to prevent it from getting dusty or dirty, even if it requires being taken apart to fit through doors
  • Cover any furniture that might not need to be moved, but could potentially get dusty with towels or sheets for the duration of the project

Floor pieces may need to be finished, sanded, or cut, so you want your furniture out of the way.

Set furniture aside in a designated area that won’t get in the way of the installation crew and that is far enough away that your furniture won’t get damaged.

When you choose this designated area, make sure that there is a clear path through the house to walk through and transfer items.  

4) Prepare Your Home for Contractors to do the Work

Preparing your home, moving your furniture, and having to relocate a lot of different things in your home may be the perfect time to also get rid of some of the clutter that has gathered in your space over the years. 

If you decide you want to have a nice, clean slate after your floors are installed, Magnet Remodeling offers dumpster services that are perfect for helping you clear out any old furniture or unnecessary clutter you have in your home before your new floors are installed. 

Whether you decide to clean out your home or not, creating a space that is easy for crews to work in is important for having a smooth installation. Having designated areas for relocated personal items and creating enough workspace for crews is important home preparation. 

5) Create A Budget: Understand the Cost of a Flooring Installation Orlando

The total cost of installing new flooring is between $3 and $22 per square foot, depending on the material being used. That’s a pretty big difference, so if you’re considering flooring installation in Orlando we’re happy to work with you to figure out your needs and how they fit into your budget.

The average cost to cover a 500 square foot space is around $3000, with the price varying higher or lower depending on the type of flooring. So that’s how much you can expect to pay for flooring installation in Orlando in general, but everyone’s specific costs will vary.

On average, hardwood flooring installation tends to be the most expensive option, averaging up to $22 per square foot. Hardwood is often high quality and last a long time, which is what makes it usually one of the more expensive items on any home renovation materials list

On the other hand, vinyl flooring or linoleum tend to be the cheapest options, with an average cost between $3 and $7 per square foot. Even though it’s cheaper, vinyl flooring can still be a great option. There are many pros and cons of vinyl flooring in it’s modern use for you to consider.

Creating a budget for your floor installation is all about balancing what you need and how far your budget can stretch. Keep in mind the wear and tear your floors go through and how much maintenance each floor type typically requires when deciding on your new flooring.

Ready For A Floor Upgrade?

These pro tips will help you with your next floor installation in Orlando. Moving furniture, hiring the right team, and creating a realistic budget are all ways to set yourself up for success for an easy and stress-free floor installation process!

Magnet Remodeling is here to guide your next floor installation in Orlando. If you are ready to start your next floor installation process, contact us today to get a free consultation. Your perfect space is just a floor away! 

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